Building Norms Based On Year Of Construction

Below is a guide for property owners to know which fire alarm code to follow for their building based on the date in which they were built.

Construction DateApplicable Norm
Between December 1st 1976 and May 24th 1984.Quebec Building Code.
Between May 25th 1984 and July 17th 1986.National Building Code (c. 1980) Quebec Edition.
Between July 18th 1986 and November 10th 1993.National Building Code (c. 1985) Quebec Edition.
Between November 11th 1993 and November 6th 2000.National Building Code (c. 1990) Quebec Edition.
Between November 7th 2000 and May 16th 2008.National Building Code (c. 1995) Quebec Edition.
After May 17th 2008.National Building Code (c. 2005) Quebec Edition.