Having your fire alarm system expertly inspected, tested and maintained is the only way to ensure that it will operate properly when it is really needed. That is why inspections are mandated by law and why insurance carriers reject claims without proof of annual inspections.

While negating possible charges for nuisance alarms from malfunctioning systems, regular inspections also limit your liability for injuries suffered by tenants, employees or guests of your business in the event of a fire.

Ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

A fire alarm system is comprised of many different components and each is subject to different testing procedures and frequencies. At Priority Fire Equipment, we are experts in all of them.

Meticulously trained by the Canadian Fire Alarm Association, our Fire Alarm technicians will test every aspect of your system in accordance with the national fire alarm code’s ULC 536 standard for Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems. Our comprehensive inspections include entering every local and testing every part of your system – even your local smoke alarms – to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.

At the end of your inspection, we will provide you with an actionable Priority Fire Alarm Inspection Report that contains all noted major and minor deficiencies along with recommendations for improving coverage and closing gaps.

A detailed ULC 536 report will follow within 6 to 8 weeks of the inspection date to provide you with details regarding the functionality of your system. You are required to obtain this document annually to maintain compliance with insurance and city requirements.

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