Stopping a fire in a commercial or multi-residence building is difficult: the longer it continues, the higher the risks and damage. The difference between losing and saving your business is often decided in the first five minutes. During that time, an expertly installed commercial fire alarm system will detect the fire, alert occupants and contact firefighters to give them a head start on saving lives, safeguarding your property and ensuring the continuity of your business.

More than just an asset when potential disaster strikes, fire alarm systems promote worry-free working/living environments and can result in significant annual insurance savings that will eventually pay for your system.

With life-safety implications and code requirements, installations of fire alarm systems demand more expertise, attention-to-detail and accountability than other electrical installations. The best installations will consider a “big picture” 360° fire safety viewpoint that comes only from cross-trained expertise, not from a single specialty focus.

Whether you are constructing a new building or improving an existing one, our team of installers can empower you and your engineers with expertly-installed fire alarm solutions tailored to your environment. At Priority Fire Equipment, we excel in installing systems that ensure optimal coverage and performance for your budget while seamlessly integrating wiring into walls, ceilings, moulding and conduits.