Fire safety planning and development is the cornerstone of proactive risk management and is outlined in Section 2.8 of the National Fire Code. Fire safety plans are building-specific documents that are developed in collaboration with fire prevention officers. They must be approved and be accessible to the Fire Department. Evacuation plans are schematic drawings of the building, signage, and instructions for the public. They must be posted in strategic public areas to facilitate the safe evacuation of the public and must address language, hearing, and visual impairments.

Fire safety and evacuation planning is a practice that is often neglected during management and operational transitions. In most cases, fire safety plans require comprehensive amendments because they are outdated and are no longer compliant with the current fire code. Property owners and managers are mandated to ensure that their fire safety plans are approved according to the local authorities. They must be updated regularly in compliance with amended fire code standards, and their management representatives must receive the proper certified training to implement approved fire safety plans.

Priority Fire Equipment takes an innovative approach to fire safety planning and development to ensure:

  • Enhanced risk management at your properties with expert consultation 24 hours a day.
  • Proactive certified training of employees to ensure they are at the forefront of national industry standards.
  • Cost-efficient programming over the short and long term that will reduce your capital expenditures by 25%
  • Collaboration with all your stakeholders and transparent communication.
  • Access to a range of innovative fire protection services and equipment from our Canada-wide network.

We are always at your service and look forward to collaborating with you. Connect with us and we will ensure your Fire Safety Planning, Evacuation Planning, and Certified Training will be addressed within 24 hours. Empower your organization to lead your industry with innovative measures that will ensure the utmost safety at all your properties.

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