When fire threatens your premises, every second literally counts. After the first four minutes, most fires double in size every minute. Whereas fire alarm systems alert occupants to a detected fire risk, Priority Fire Equipments’s alarm monitoring takes protection to the next level and shortens response times to help you save what matters most.

ULC standards and code require that all fire alarm systems be monitored 24 hours per day. Our state-of-the art solutions connect your fire panel to ULC certified Central Monitoring across the country to enable remote monitoring your alarm systems 24/7 year round. Based on your needs, we can use phone line connection with either GSM (cellular) or IP (internet) backup to ensure you never lose connection in the case of an emergency.

We manage surveillance for you by performing, verifying and following-up on signal checks to the Central Monitoring station. We maintain monthly reports and regularly update your emergency contact list.

In addition to promoting confidence and peace of mind, Priority Fire Equipment’s Alarm Monitoring Solutions reduce the risks of personal injuries, property damage and losses – thereby lowering your insurance costs.

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