Threats from the vertical and horizontal travel of flames and fumes. Large quantities of smoke. Gases from combustible materials. Partial and full evacuation responses. Multiple escape routes. Dead end corridors and potential trap points. Emergency lighting. Hard-wired systems. Code requirements that include having established emergency procedures and trained/responsible staff on-site for fire safety inspections.

Fire safety planning and development in the hospitality business comes with very unique challenges. In an industry where protecting people, property and reputation from fire are all paramount, hotels need defense-in-depth protection. Delivering it requires a “big picture” 360° fire safety viewpoint that comes only from cross-trained expertise, not from a single specialty focus.

Priority Fire Equipment helps hotels and chains to prepare and protect lives and assets through comprehensive inspections, expert fire planning consulting and integrated, turnkey solutions.

The findings of a 4-year study by the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) determined that property damage in hotel fires was found to be 78% less in structures with sprinklers. When a single fire safety system can have that much impact, the inherent value of multiple levels of protection working in synergy cannot be understated.

By empowering our hotel clients with diverse solutions, proven expertise, planning, knowledge, training and ongoing support, we help them to achieve the highest levels of synergy, value, protection, preparedness and lasting peace of mind.

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