Multiple floors, classrooms and storage spaces. Stringent codes covering diverse parameters. Aging electrical systems. The need for strategically installed fire alarm, sprinkler systems and smoke detectors for filing spaces. Fixed suppression systems for kitchen and computer areas. Fire extinguishers. Standpipe and hose cabinets. Emergency lighting… and the list goes on.

When it comes to schools, fire hazards and preventative solutions can be varied and complex as they are shaped by the larger building as well as classrooms, storage, kitchen, maintenance and other areas. Adequate awareness, equipment, solutions and training are essential to protecting colleagues, students and premises.

Priority Fire Equipment’s trusted fire safety and protection solutions currently protect more than 3,000 buildings across Canada.

Fire safety and evacuation plans. Fire protection audits. Fire and safety compliance. Fire protection training and certification. Installation of fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Fire alarm monitoring. Emergency lighting. Camera systems. Intercoms, door access controls and more.

At Priority Fire Equipment, we excel in protecting schools from fire-related threats and consequences to maximize compliance, safety, responsiveness, insurance savings and peace of mind.

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